The Market Ward

Buyers and sellers flock to the Market Ward, famed throughout the planes for its Grand Bazaar. Among its countless stalls, customers can purchase any item imaginable – and some not

The Market Ward is one of the smallest of Sigil’s neighborhoods (roughly matched in size by the Guildhall Ward). The most cosmopolitan of Sigil’s wards, this is where you go to buy the common, useful, and everyday items you need for life inside the city – and for stocking up before departing for parts unknown.

The streets of the Market Ward buzz with activity at all times of the day and night. The sellers and the goods change as day becomes night, but the markets are always busy and full of customers, merchants, and curious browsers. The busiest and most amazing of these marketplaces is the Grand Bazaar.

Notable Locations:

  • The Grand Bazaar:
    By day, the Grand Bazaar fills an enormous square with stalls, tents, folding tables, and portable shop booths, and the smells of flowers, fruit, meat, and other exotic and familiar scents hang like a cloud over their area. The crowded aisles are surrounded by hawkers calling potential customers to taste, smell, touch, and otherwise examine and eventually buy the wares piled high in every stall.

Similar types of merchandise tend to be clustered in aisles, forming rough groupings of categories of items so that customers can compare while shopping. Foodstuffs, adventuring supplies, household goods, clothing, furnishings, magic items, alchemical goods, scrolls and books, armor, and weaponry can each be found in a separate section of the Grand Bazaar.

  • Gambling Halls
    Gambling halls can be found within the confines of the Market Ward, and many inns and taverns feature at least a table or two devoted to games of chance.
  • The Seeker’s Plaza
    A laneway annex to the Grand Bazaar called the Seeker’s Plaza swarms with guides and touts ready for hire. They range from splendidly garbed sages to street-bred ragamuffins.
  • Copperman Way
    A wide avenue made possible when its owners bought and demolished an entire impoverished neighborhood, it provides a small oasis for the recently wealthy. Its residents include the merchant lords, the self-made rich who have prospered in a single generation. Most made their fortunes primarily in Sigil, though a few adventurers who acquired treasure troves in the planar vastness can be found among their number.

The Market Ward

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