The Lady's Ward

The most influential and powerful within Sigil society live and work in The Lady’s Ward, the richest of Sigil’s sections. Within the unmarked boundaries of The Lady’s Ward, a visitor will find the City Barracks, the Court, the Prison, and the Armory, as well as more than half of the city’s temples. This ward tends to be the cleanest, quietest, and most upscale of all the areas in the City of Doors.

This ward overflows with monuments, fountains, and statuary of all descriptions. It is at once majestic and cold, full of life but ultimately lifeless thanks to the restrained (some would say absent) energy level imposed upon the visible streets by the residents of the neighborhood.

Street crime in the ward is kept to a minimum, thanks to both the proximity of the Prison and the private militias employed by the great families and wealthiest individuals living in the neighborhood. of course, these private armies sometimes battle each other in addition to keeping the ward safe, but that’s just life in The Lady’s Ward.

Notable Locations:

  • The Gardens:
    A patch of greenery adjoining the noble district’s most prestigious manors. An outer ring of lush and well-tended botanical wonders surrounds an inner circle of wild vegetation. Doors to the Feywild abound here, and Fey magic holds sway in the area.
  • The Temple Disctict:
    The sole sector of The Lady’s Ward where the unwashed are permitted to gather. Here, great temples to the gods, funded by competing families, attract swarming crowds of worshipers. The gods cannot appear here, but that doesn’t stop worshipers from competing in honor of their patron deities. Followers show their wealth and piety (in that order) by financing ever more impressive improvements.

Temples to dead and forgotten gods remain extravagantly staffed and attended. Certain families prefer to dedicate themselves to obscure deities, since an extinct god never steals your thunder or makes demands upon you.

The Silver Tankard, a celestial mead house, is the most well-known of a group of expensive taverns that surround the Temple District. The Silver Tankard is famed as the only known tavern run by a literal angel.

The Lady's Ward

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