Too Many Pancakes

Welcome to Sigil

As the group


Elphaba took a thorough look at the gate key that had been given to the group and was able to determine that it could be activated again after one hour. Everyone waited in patience until Elphaba was able to reactivate the portal, allowing for passage back to Fallcrest.

Upon arriving in Fallcrest the Group met up with Zaz, who had returned from his religious quest. Everyone agreed to confront Estavan about this portal, which appeared to be a trap. Unfortunately Estavan had left the tavern, but his employee Nera was easy to track down. She was surprised to hear that things had gone awry and offered up her gatekey for a portal to Tradegate – a town known for its portal to Sigil.

The group stepped through the portal, arriving in an abnormally quiet town. Bodies of townfolk littered the streets, it seemed that had all spontaneously fallen asleep. Everyone noticed some lights and commotion coming from the town square, so Scryb decided to sneak in for a closer look. She was easily able to slip in and noticed an arcane ritual was taking place. 6 glowing pillars had been pounded into the ground around a large portal, and an eladrin woman was reading aloud from a scroll. Scryb quickly relayed this information to the rest of the adventurers and they decided to move in. The group was able to fell the giants and demons that were guarding the eladrin woman, but she was able to escape through the portal once the fight seemed to be turning against her favor. The party noticed that she seemed to shed dead bugs as they pummeled her with attacks, and as she was running away she turned back to wink at Zaz, who saw her appearance change in front of his eyes.

The townfolk of Tradegate regained conscious soon after the fighting was finished. The group was offered food and lodging, and was given the passphrase that would allow them to travel through the portal at the center of the town square. After resting overnight, the group traveled through the portal, and at last they had arrived in Sigil.

Wrapping up Loose Ends

After establishing themselves at the Tower of Waiting the group went their separate ways to recoup after the battle. Elphaba elected to help train up a new militia for Fallcrest, while Wren was summoned back to the Feywild to fulfill his lordly duties. Galio felt the need to clear his head after the battle and took off into the wilderness, reverting back to his nomadic nature. Strangely enough, a small pixie arrived with new orders for Feeble, sending the unhappy Minotaur back to the Feywild, assigned to a new ward. This tiny pixie introduced herself as Scryb, charged with the protection of Wren.

Galio returned from his travels carrying a strange book entitled “The Book of Dragons”. The book contained stories about dragons of all colors and sizes, many quite gruesome. Elphaba was quick to recall a folk tale about a similar book which stated that these stories concerned real dragons that had been imprisoned in a magical stasis, and that reading the stories out-loud would free them. Galio found the book on a traveler that had been accosted by highway men dressed in all-black. The group was able to determine that the attackers were members of the Zhentarim, but Galio was not able to recall the sigil that the traveler wore.

The group decided to head North to the Grey Company Camp, where Boldos Grimehammer was imprisoned. Elphaba was able to wrench the location of Kalarel’s phylactery out of the undead dwarf, and Halvath offered up his men to track it down.

After everything was said and done the adventurers decided to head to a tavern in Lowtown for a drink. On their way there Wren spotted a tiefling woman that was quite obviously following them. Scryb did her best to protect the group while they went inside the tavern, but eventually the tiefling reasoned her way past the pixie. Once inside she introduced herself as Nera, a representative of the Planar Trade Consortium. She mentioned that her boss, Estavan, was waiting upstairs with a job for the group.

The group was able to find room upstairs where they were greeted by a large blue Oni creature with a powdered face, neatly polished horns, and wearing a red kimono. He introduced himself as Estavan, the leader of the Planar Trade Consortium in Sigil, the City of Doors. Sigil, he explained, is a city at the center of the multiverse that contains portals connecting the various planes and worlds. Recently, Estavan’s trade caravans have come under attack, and he believes that someone is attempting to disrupt the Festival of Doors, scheduled to take place in 4 days. He believes that this may be part of a larger plot to isolate Sigil, which could have dire consequences. The group agreed to help Estavan, who promised payment of an astral diamond.

Estavan instructed the group to speak to Crayle, the owner of a shop in Lowtown, to obtain a gatekey to Sigil. The group found the shop and purchased a key, as well as a map to the portal. Once they entered the portal it was clear that something was amiss. They arrived in a pitch black tomb, filled with Wights and a Ghost Spider, both intent on killing and eating the intruders. Fortunately, the group was able to fend off the attacks, and a quick search of the area revealed a dead body stuck in the spider webs. The group found a coin on the body that showed an icon of the Planar Trade Consortium on one side, and had the words “Crale’s Arcane Wonders” engraved on the other side. The also found a small journal containing records of customers and transactions, as well as other notes.

The most recent entries seemed to be tracking a series of disturbances related to portals that lead to Sigil. The final entry reads as follows:

“A creature called Arthani seems to be the common factor, though she never appears in the same shape twice. Estavan must be warned that Tradegate is the next target!”

The Aftermath at Fallcrest

The Status of Fallcrest

When we left off you had managed to drive the undead scourge from Fallcrest. You stopped Kalarel, now a lich, from killing Faren Markelhay, and assisted Halvath Cormarrin and the Gray Company in detaining Boldos Grimehammer. The Gray Company was quick to mop up the remaining undead within the city, but a great deal of damage had already been done.
Hightown, the area North of the bluff, is in shambles. Corpses of soldiers, civilians, and the undead line the streets. Many buildings have been damaged or completely destroyed. Even Moonstone Keep, a symbol of the power and prosperity of Fallcrest, is in shambles. Fortunately, you were able to save the Upper Quays, and Lowtown was relatively unharmed. This will make it much easier to import supplies and workers to begin repairs.

The group of civilians you saved at the North gate, however, was not so lucky. Once the battle had ended you returned to find most of the survivors sitting lifelessly, completely drained of blood. Wisara Osterman – owner of the Silver Unicorn Inn, and Selarund Halfmoon – owner of the Halfmoon Trading House, are dead. The concussed girl appeared to have it the worst of all, as her head had been cleanly removed from her body. The head itself was missing, perhaps taken as a perverse trophy by whatever did this.

Boldos and the Gray Company

In the aftermath of the battle you have a few important decisions to make. Halvath is looking for guidance on how to deal with Boldos. Boldos is currently detained for questioning, and Halvath has no qualms with putting his existence to an end. Seeing as you all had a much longer interaction with the Barrowhaunts than he did, Halvath is deferring to your group to determine what to do.

Kalarel the Lich

As you correctly determined, killing a lich permanently is very hard to do. After consulting with the various temples within Fallcrest you know that liches usually reappear at their phylactery after about 10 days have elapsed. You also know, based on the dates written in Kalarel’s journal, that that his transformation into a lich took place somewhat recently. It is unlikely that he had time to move his phylactery to a completely secure location in the time available.

The Temple of the Raven Queen

In the aftermath of the battle you were summoned to the temple of the Raven Queen by one of the priests who had originally sent you North to the Gray Downs. The priest explained that she had been in a trance-like dream since you left and had learned much of the events happening in Latherna and the Shadowfell. It seems that Orcus had determined a way to divert souls traveling to Latherna by redirecting them to his own realm. This effectively weakened the Raven Queen, while granting Orcus increased power and influence in the realm of the dead. For reasons that are still unclear it seems that this ability was especially potent in Nentir Vale, which might explain why Kalarel focused his efforts here.

The priest then gathered you all around the altar of the Raven Queen and performed a somber ritual, asking the Raven Queen to watch over and protect her heroes, as your help will surely be needed again. At the conclusion of the ritual you all felt a wave of comfort wash over you, as if being covered in a shroud. It seems the Raven Queen has granted you all a very powerful divine boon.

Next Steps

In the days following the battle you have all been officially recognized as saviors of Fallcrest. Although Markelhay is still recovering from his injuries he made it a point to hold a ceremony at the broken gates of Moonstone Keep to thank you all for your efforts. While the town is recovering they cannot offer much in the way of material goods, but Markelhay announces that the deed to the Tower of Waiting will be gifted to you in thanks. He is quick to note that one of his motives in giving you the tower is to encourage you to stay in Fallcrest and help it recover.

The Tower of Waiting sits on an island in the middle or the river that runs through Fallcrest. It was originally built to guard the city from any waterborne attack from the north, but has not been used since the Bloodspear War 90 years ago.


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