Too Many Pancakes


Elphaba took a thorough look at the gate key that had been given to the group and was able to determine that it could be activated again after one hour. Everyone waited in patience until Elphaba was able to reactivate the portal, allowing for passage back to Fallcrest.

Upon arriving in Fallcrest the Group met up with Zaz, who had returned from his religious quest. Everyone agreed to confront Estavan about this portal, which appeared to be a trap. Unfortunately Estavan had left the tavern, but his employee Nera was easy to track down. She was surprised to hear that things had gone awry and offered up her gatekey for a portal to Tradegate – a town known for its portal to Sigil.

The group stepped through the portal, arriving in an abnormally quiet town. Bodies of townfolk littered the streets, it seemed that had all spontaneously fallen asleep. Everyone noticed some lights and commotion coming from the town square, so Scryb decided to sneak in for a closer look. She was easily able to slip in and noticed an arcane ritual was taking place. 6 glowing pillars had been pounded into the ground around a large portal, and an eladrin woman was reading aloud from a scroll. Scryb quickly relayed this information to the rest of the adventurers and they decided to move in. The group was able to fell the giants and demons that were guarding the eladrin woman, but she was able to escape through the portal once the fight seemed to be turning against her favor. The party noticed that she seemed to shed dead bugs as they pummeled her with attacks, and as she was running away she turned back to wink at Zaz, who saw her appearance change in front of his eyes.

The townfolk of Tradegate regained conscious soon after the fighting was finished. The group was offered food and lodging, and was given the passphrase that would allow them to travel through the portal at the center of the town square. After resting overnight, the group traveled through the portal, and at last they had arrived in Sigil.



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