Too Many Pancakes

The Aftermath at Fallcrest

The Status of Fallcrest

When we left off you had managed to drive the undead scourge from Fallcrest. You stopped Kalarel, now a lich, from killing Faren Markelhay, and assisted Halvath Cormarrin and the Gray Company in detaining Boldos Grimehammer. The Gray Company was quick to mop up the remaining undead within the city, but a great deal of damage had already been done.
Hightown, the area North of the bluff, is in shambles. Corpses of soldiers, civilians, and the undead line the streets. Many buildings have been damaged or completely destroyed. Even Moonstone Keep, a symbol of the power and prosperity of Fallcrest, is in shambles. Fortunately, you were able to save the Upper Quays, and Lowtown was relatively unharmed. This will make it much easier to import supplies and workers to begin repairs.

The group of civilians you saved at the North gate, however, was not so lucky. Once the battle had ended you returned to find most of the survivors sitting lifelessly, completely drained of blood. Wisara Osterman – owner of the Silver Unicorn Inn, and Selarund Halfmoon – owner of the Halfmoon Trading House, are dead. The concussed girl appeared to have it the worst of all, as her head had been cleanly removed from her body. The head itself was missing, perhaps taken as a perverse trophy by whatever did this.

Boldos and the Gray Company

In the aftermath of the battle you have a few important decisions to make. Halvath is looking for guidance on how to deal with Boldos. Boldos is currently detained for questioning, and Halvath has no qualms with putting his existence to an end. Seeing as you all had a much longer interaction with the Barrowhaunts than he did, Halvath is deferring to your group to determine what to do.

Kalarel the Lich

As you correctly determined, killing a lich permanently is very hard to do. After consulting with the various temples within Fallcrest you know that liches usually reappear at their phylactery after about 10 days have elapsed. You also know, based on the dates written in Kalarel’s journal, that that his transformation into a lich took place somewhat recently. It is unlikely that he had time to move his phylactery to a completely secure location in the time available.

The Temple of the Raven Queen

In the aftermath of the battle you were summoned to the temple of the Raven Queen by one of the priests who had originally sent you North to the Gray Downs. The priest explained that she had been in a trance-like dream since you left and had learned much of the events happening in Latherna and the Shadowfell. It seems that Orcus had determined a way to divert souls traveling to Latherna by redirecting them to his own realm. This effectively weakened the Raven Queen, while granting Orcus increased power and influence in the realm of the dead. For reasons that are still unclear it seems that this ability was especially potent in Nentir Vale, which might explain why Kalarel focused his efforts here.

The priest then gathered you all around the altar of the Raven Queen and performed a somber ritual, asking the Raven Queen to watch over and protect her heroes, as your help will surely be needed again. At the conclusion of the ritual you all felt a wave of comfort wash over you, as if being covered in a shroud. It seems the Raven Queen has granted you all a very powerful divine boon.

Next Steps

In the days following the battle you have all been officially recognized as saviors of Fallcrest. Although Markelhay is still recovering from his injuries he made it a point to hold a ceremony at the broken gates of Moonstone Keep to thank you all for your efforts. While the town is recovering they cannot offer much in the way of material goods, but Markelhay announces that the deed to the Tower of Waiting will be gifted to you in thanks. He is quick to note that one of his motives in giving you the tower is to encourage you to stay in Fallcrest and help it recover.

The Tower of Waiting sits on an island in the middle or the river that runs through Fallcrest. It was originally built to guard the city from any waterborne attack from the north, but has not been used since the Bloodspear War 90 years ago.



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